Hi, I'm Kelley! I'm a huge anime/book/movie nerd, though I am quite partial to American cartoons as well (ie. Avatar, Danny Phantom, Ben Ten, American Dragon, and my favorite: Korra). I'm addicted to Kingdom Hearts and currently Jason Brody from Far Cry 3 is my spirit animal. I write fanfiction, I breathe fanfiction, I dream fanfiction. I'm a shipper, though not insane...yet. My LOK ships are Makorra and Borra :3
I'm most likely going to explode from all of my HTTYD and ROTG (Jack Frost) feels. Yup.
*Unless I say otherwise, all fanart on this page is not mine. :D RESPECT THE ARTISTS


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shut up and make me a sandwich

How about I give you 5 dollars and you walk to subway instead? I refuse to serve anyone, but I’ll take pity on you if you want.

Natasha in The Winter Soldier (spoilers)




I sent this over an email to a friend, and I wanted to post it somewhere more public as well.

Natasha is an interesting animal because I don’t believe that most of what we see of her, ever, is actually her. She’s someone who inputs and…


I know I’m known for my Star Trek comics…but I must admit: Star Wars was my first love. 



this literally gave me chills.

I’ve never hit the reblog button so fast in my life.

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This… This is so beautiful…

I really wish I had that kind of skill. And tools.